Back to the Middle

A couple of years ago I was waffling with what I wanted to call my photography business, basically name it after me or continue with my company name. I put all my eggs in one basket and got a new logo and went with Goat Factory Media as the sole visibility of who I am. As the last couple of years have gone by, it has become evident that there needed to be more, and something that fit the bill for everyone. The branding of Goat Factory Media Ent, as important as it is to me, has not been receptive across the board, in terms of image. So the last couple of weeks I've been working on deciding how to go about a change that works. What I've come to land on, is that well...the Goat stays, but more as the main umbrella and I branch out and bring back Ron Heerkens Jr Photography for non-adventure/sports related photography. Its going to be a bit of a transition on how I go about it, but branding for weddings/engagements/theatre etc will fall under the signature series brand and have my name attached rather than a goat that leads to confusion and questions and people walking away from business.

Bottom line, the Goat (Ed) has been a part of me and will always be. Its important that it stays apart of me going forward. Below is the new signature and examples of its use.