What is the difference between “watermark” and “print mark”?

When viewing the photos here, you are seeing an overlay, this is used as a watermark. This is only for display purposes. A print mark is a much smaller version (see below) that is printed out on the photo when purchased rather than the larger watermark. Of course you also have the option to purchase an unwatermarked version as well. Remember this only grants you use PERSONAL LICENSE not a COMMERCIAL license.

What rights does buying a download grant me?

The rights you have on any downloaded purchase are PERSONAL use rights, you may not resale any photo, or use it in any COMMERCIAL manner

I like your photo (thanks!) but I would LOVE to get it B&W

Most of the time I can be accommodating and provide you with an alternate version (coloring) to your request. Want something unique, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can work something out

I want to get multiple photos but don’t see a package option

There are some limitations in the digital world, and it can’t satisfy everything. If there is something you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can work something out.


Often I run across other photographers and brands that I like and will highlight them here. Go check them out, they are doing amazing work. I’ll always add to this list.


  •  THE ASCEND COLLECTIVE – Alex Tong, Michael Lesher, Ron Heerkens Jr. Event and Adventure Photography. CHECK IT OUT
  •  IAMLESHER – Michael Lesher has been an active force in the trail running scene and has also turned his camera on the events. An amazing eye and feel for anything he finds.
  • ALEX TONG – Alex has been actively invloved in providing inspiration thru various forms of media and hits areas of the sports scene that make for the dramatic
  • STEVE GALLOW – I met Steve a couple years ago at the Cayuga 50 in Ithaca, he has some pretty amazing beauty in his backyard that sets the tone for his work.


  •  GLEN TACHIYMA – The man. Serious this guy is legend to me, his work is beyond amazing.
  • JOE VIGER – Covering the NE and its hard not to find him at one of those races.
  • MATT TRAPPE – Bringing a brilliant visual perspective while taking site in amazing places. Plus I’m pretty fond of his logo
  • LUIS ESCOBAR – Another great west coast photographer
  • SEB MONTAZ – one of THE best in the industry

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