Social Deletion

By now I'm starting to resemble the modern day Boy Who Cried Wolf, rather than anything else. Again, I have decided to delete my Facebook account ( Personal), but this time also my Twitter account. I'm keeping my FB page open for my business connection (along with Insta) but the personal FB...gone. ITs become completely useless, nothing but ads, rarely see any friends posts anymore unless I go to them directly to find them, completely useless and time consuming. Twitter has become a dumpster fire run by a scam artist ass I cannot support. I know in the vast scheme of things, my voice means nothing, but that's what I'm doing. I'm not looking forward to building and cultivating my feeds back from the ground up, but that is what I've decided to do. Gave Mastodon a whirl, wasn't for me, and opted for Post instead. You can find me there @gfmedia. I'd rather start and support something on the ground floor that seems to aline with my own values of how it should be run.

So, where does that leave me? Well getting my news back in the form of RSS feeds I guess (via Feedly) and as Post grows. Back to writing stupid blogs to occupy my idle time, along with creating and spending more time on videos.

July 2008 man. That's a bit of time.

Catching Up on Three Years

I'm not going to do that. A lot has happened, and going forward I hope to be better at capturing it. Life has pretty much gotten back to pre-Covid business for the most part. I've started making a few more videos and look to pour more time into that as well. Below are a couple from the last couple months.

Drone Work

I have also begun to embrace the drone, and start getting out more regularly to capture with the drone