Changing Things Up

To say the last few months have been an unpleasant mix of stagnate and insanity would be an understatement. For anyone who has read my old blog you will know I have my hand in many avenues and some of those can be all over the place. But first off, welcome to the "overhaul". One of the things I decided that needed a change was the website. I was unhappy with the function and flow and how much it took to maintain anything worthwhile on the old one. Despite being Wordpress, the design I chose made it not as fluid as I had hoped, and also intensive in browsers. Then came the spam and aggressive blocking. I finally had enough and started to migrate my design within Pixieset (which also is where my photos are hosted) and adapted something that fits my needs. Its not perfect, its not grand but its smooth and functional and safe. ...

La Cage Aux Folles | The Cagelles at Geva Theatre

Summer photography season has come to a close and most of the big races I cover are done and in the books. Theatre season is back in full swing, a summer of Merry Go Round (now REV Theatre Co.) and Geva and Blackfriars just kicked off their seasons. Man do I love theatre. SO much great stuff happening in this area locally glad I get to be a small part of it. ...

The close of summer also brings the return of school and after school activities. The girls are back at it, with Em making a return to XC and Ri taking up swimming (HOORAY!), the downside of this means our schedules become a bit more insane but the afternoon flexibility is finally back for a while which allows me time.


Time for what?

Well, to get my self back in gear. After struggling with some unexplained injuries since May, I've been on/off with running since. Tryin to find mojo, inspiration...something. So I decided to just strip it to its core and start over...again (again). NOT what I wanted to do, but what I have to do. The weight came back even faster this time as I got busy and distracted from keeping myself on point. Now its time to fix it and get myself back to where I want to be.

And I better hurry or Emma might beat me in a race.